Louaai Tomalieh | Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Louaai Tomalieh is a business owner and philanthropist. He is a very passionate and hardworking entrepreneur who believes in smart work. He loves to work on creative work and spend time with his family. He is a father of four adorable children with whom Louaai likes to devour time.

Also, Tomalieh supported local communities for over 19 years of service as law enforcement. He is a highly rated officer who supports local communities working very seriously. He is honored to be a law enforcement officer and takes his job profoundly.

In brief Louaai Tomalieh is a businessman as well as a law enforcement professional. He is from Chicago, a city in Illinois which is situated in the United States. His aim is to augment the fashion business. Louaai is well experienced in business management and real estate, before getting involved in law enforcement he has worked in script modeling.

During his free time, in addition, he worked on multiple businesses including a luxury fashion streak which is very popular. He has done amazing work in all the fields he has chosen and has given incredible results.

Louaai Tomalieh is not only an idol for his children but also for each of us. He set a model that shows that if you will work hard with smartness then no one can ruin your success. He has always been serious with his work and values time. Louaai Tomalieh is a brilliant entrepreneur with a wonderful personality and brilliance.

And with this passion, he is presently the owner of Tomavicci which is a luxury fashion line in Dubai. His strategic mind makes him a successful businessman.