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Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, August 5

Russian forces have likely positioned radar reflectors near Dnipro River in Kherson -- Kremlin-backed commander of division that fired on civilians in Donbas killed in action -- War in Ukraine is Europe's most dangerous time since World War II, Russia must not be allowed to win -- Head of Amnesty International Ukraine criticizes report published by main office -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, August 4

Before executing, Russian forces tortured Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka -- Ukraine shot down $91 million worth of Russian missiles on Aug. 2 -- Russia finds new way to bypass Western sanctions on oil market -- Russian shelling damages residential buildings in Mykolaiv -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, August 3

Russian forces responsible for killing 53 Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka -- Number of liberated settlements in Kherson Oblast reaches 53 -- Russia's war kills 403 people in Mykolayiv Oblast since Feb. 24 -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, July 30

Russia’s Wagner Group behind attack on Olenivka penal colony -- Prosecutor General's Office launches investigation following video that appears to show Russian soldiers brutally torturing Ukrainian POW -- Ukraine ready to start grain export -- Russia captured Chornobyl with the help of long-embedded secret agents -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, July 16

30% of Russian missile strikes target military infrastructure, most hit civilian areas -- More than 46 hectares of wheat burned due to Russian shelling in Kharkiv Oblast -- Russian Ministry of Defense admits deliberately hitting Vinnytsia's center -- Russian airstrike hits 2 schools in Kharkiv -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, July 15

Russia uses torture chambers, civilians as human shields in Ukraine -- Guerrillas set sunflower oil refinery on fire in Mariupol -- Russia strikes civilian objects over 17,000 times -- Latvian parliament: Russian gas supply to be suspended in 2023 -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, July 13

Russia does not have courage to admit defeat, withdraw from Ukraine -- Ukrainian forces destroy 5 Russian ammunition depots, military base on July 12 -- 16 ships enter Ukrainian ports for grain -- Lithuania calls on West to cut economic ties with Russia -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, July 11

There is no ‘operational pause,' Russians continue to attack -- Moscow 'most likely' to totally halt gas supplies to Europe -- Russian forces attack their proxies in Ukraine -- Germany blocks EU's 9 billion euros help to Ukraine -- Zelensky had ordered Ukraine’s army to liberate Ukraine's coast with Western weapons -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, July 10

Russia, Belarus want to recruit Latvian officials -- 21,677 alleged Russian war crimes under investigation -- Russia intends to annex Kharkiv Oblast, has territorial ambitions beyond Donbas -- Russian forces ‘blackmail’ parents to send children to pro-Russian schools -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, June 29

Ukraine to request NATO's assistance in deterring possible Russian nuclear or chemical attacks -- Russia has fired over 2,800 missiles at Ukraine's cities since start of war -- Ukraine’s population may decrease by third due to war -- Lithuania bans gas imports from Russia -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary Saturday, June 25

Russian MP threatens London with bombardment -- A real risk of multiple famines this year due to Russia's war in Ukraine -- Russia plans to attack residential areas in Belarus to draw it into war against Ukraine -- NATO, G7 shouldn’t pressure Ukraine into concessions to Russia -- and more

Brexit - "The Biggest Disaster any Government has ever Negotiated"

It turns out our greatest competitor on the planet is the UK government because every time they do a fantastic deal, they kick us out of that market – starting with the Brexit deal.