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Piano per l'adozione di una piattaforma libera per la DaD per l'UniMI - Seconda Parte

Insieme ai rappresentanti degli studenti stiamo cercando di attivare un progetto pilota

Piano per l'adozione di una piattaforma libera per la DaD per l'UniMI - Prima Parte

Insieme in un piccolo gruppo di attivisti del software libero ci stiamo organizzando affinché UniMi adotti una piattaforma libera per la didattica a distanza.

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Six Year Old's Vital Medication Runs out Due to Brexit

Unless something is done quickly her family fear the return of the multiple seizures that could put her life at risk

Beekeeper Told 15 Million Bees Could be Burned Due to Brexit

15 million bees he wants to bring into the UK for next spring may be seized and destroyed

Disabled Child has no Wheelchair Due to Brexit

Human cost of being outside the EU's Single Market and Customs Union

Hancock’s Statement that the NHS did not Face a National Shortage of PPE - Untrue

NHS staff were photographed with poorly fitting PPE, with some having to make gowns themselves from bin bags

Court has granted a cost-capping order in our judicial review over the award of huge PPE contracts, without advertisement or competition

Chumocracy, Boris Johnson, democracy, cover-up, masks, courts, UK Government, Covid-19, commissioning, medical equipment

American Health Insurance Giant Called 'Centene' has Just Taken Over 49 NHS GP Practices

What about Boris Johnson’s promise that our NHS is not up for sale to US companies? Just another lie.

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Government’s Planned Election Spending Limit Hike Will Benefit Conservatives

The move, along with other changes such as a constituency boundary review for the 2024 General Election, is set to provide an advantage to the ruling party

Breaking News (Tue Feb 23 13:08:01 GMT 2021)

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