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Esame a distanza con zoom e SEB? No grazie!

Un esame che dovevo fare richiedeva l'uso di zoom e SEB. Sono riuscito a rifiutare le modalità d'esame e farlo in presenza

Come installare Clannad (Visual Novel) su GNU/Linux in italiano

Piccola guida all'installazione della visual novel clannad in italiano su GNU/Linux da cui deriva l'omonimo anime

Perché ho deciso di lasciare Facebook

Facebook limita la mia autodeterminazione da uomo, i miei diritti digitali e la mia libertà, e quindi lo abbandonerò

Piano per l'adozione di una piattaforma libera per la DaD per l'UniMI - Seconda Parte

Insieme ai rappresentanti degli studenti stiamo cercando di attivare un progetto pilota

Piano per l'adozione di una piattaforma libera per la DaD per l'UniMI - Prima Parte

Insieme in un piccolo gruppo di attivisti del software libero ci stiamo organizzando affinché UniMi adotti una piattaforma libera per la didattica a distanza.

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Benefits of Investing in a Tyre to Oil Plant

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, June 24 2024

The Counteroffensive: Crossing the 'gray zone' from Russia into Ukraine -- New trade data reveals increased North Korean munitions transfers to Russia -- Russian forces dropped 35 glide bombs on Kharkiv Oblast over past day -- 6 more participants joined Global Peace Summit communique -- and more

Receiving the Best Self-loading Concrete Mixer Price

Роль отзывов в формировании репутации и другие секреты имиджевой составляющей HR-направления

One-liners: part 5

The Benefits of Using a Secretarial Service for Data Entry and Document Preparation

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, June 21 2024

Single Ukrainian Magura drone hit 4 Russian patrol boats at once -- Russia considering changes to nuclear doctrine, Putin claims -- 'Rather desperate' – 5 key takeaways from Putin's North Korea visit -- Drone attacks on Russian oil depots in Adygea, Tambov Oblast -- The birth of Ukraine’s live-saving robots [vlog] -- and more

How Are Extremely Valuable Gadgets Safeguarded by Singapore's Uninterruptible Power Supplies?

Biochar: A Growing Industry for a Shrinking Carbon Footprint

Biochar: A Growing Industry for a Shrinking Carbon Footprint

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, June 20 2024

POW allegedly beheaded by Russian troops identified -- Russian soldiers who executed Ukrainian POWs near Robotyne identified -- Russia has moved almost all ground forces from Finland's vicinity to Ukraine -- Russian attack on Kharkiv children's facility injures 1 -- Patriot missiles intended for Switzerland to go to Ukraine -- and more

Recopilaciones personalizadas (años 90)

Colecciones de música en cassette

How to Choose the Best Cheap Website Design Services for Your Business

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